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Looking for Some One 
11:36pm 12/08/2005
mood: tense
I know this is probably a bit off from what you lovely folks are expecting but please bear with me. I am in search of my older brother who, as far as my last correct information goes, is living in Bellingham with his wonderful wife, Jenny, and their three daughters. His name is Justin Lounsbury, he's 28 years old, about six foot three (give or take) with brown hair. If anyone knows him - which, I'll admit, is a far off chance - please drop me a line. I've not seen him for over eight years now so beyond basics I don't have much. Our father is having some major health problems and has asked that I do what I can to find him. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much and please pardon the cross-posting.

C Lounsbury
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calling all artists and writers! 
11:55am 24/01/2005
  Hi everyone,

We're putting together a journal of work that deals with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and ally issues. It's called SPECTRUM!!!!

We are looking for: artwork, prose, poetry, articles, rants, coloring pages, comics, and anything else you would like to contribute!

We're associated with the WWU LGBTA but it's being run by different people.

So anyone can contribute work- you don't have to be any of the above things, but your work should at least peripherally deal with issues of an lgbta nature. And you must be from the greater bellingham area!

We're taking submissions NOW. You can send us your work via email at magazinespectrum@yahoo.com, or you can mail it to:

Viking Union 515
Bellingham, WA 98225-9106

or if you're a Western student and it's convenient you can just run it down to the LGBTA. there should be a box there...now. or shortly.

thanks everyone!

(this will be x-posted to lots of places)
03:05pm 30/07/2004
  Looking for a place to live.. either a room to rent, one bedroom, or a studio. Any ideas or help would be amazing and appreciated! Thanks.  
11:54am 25/07/2004
  Looking for a full-time job and a 3 bedroom place? Any ideas? Thanks...  
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07:58am 21/07/2004
mood: tired
My friend and I want to start yoga this summer, and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions about the best classes/studios/teachers...et cetera. We are begginers. I need an "Alyssa can barely walk without falling" yoga class... :P
03:16am 28/11/2003
  If anyone would like to take this community off my hands and moderate it to the glory it ought to have, please let me know.  
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12:53am 31/01/2003
mood: awake
im new to live journal but i've lived in bellingham most of my life
i love bellingham
05:42pm 13/10/2002
  So in my hunt for decent chinese food a certain bham person directed me to The China Gourmet Express. It was rather good. Nothing brilliant. I suppose I'll have to beg for overnight shipments from home. However, the quality was very decent and it was the first time I had chinese food in bellingham that actually contained flavor. And they're just so nice. So yea...I now have a Chinese food place in bellingham :D

Now I still need a house...
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Jade Dragon 
02:14pm 24/09/2002
  The chinese restaurant in the midst of the fast food places on ellis street. In a way it kind of fits in. I had lunch there; I ordered vegetable chop suey and vegetable rolls. The food wasn't spectacular but was filling. The vegetable eggroll appetizer was two large rolls and was greasily good.

food: 5/10
service: 8/10
This community 
12:10am 24/09/2002
mood: creative
Here's the first post. I'm setting up this community hoping it will be helpful to people, all you bellinghamsters. Review away. Consumer power and stuff.

rating: n/a
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